LA PEARL’S Eternity Serum

       LA PEARL’S Eternity Serum ; a highly concentrated anti-aging serum that promotes skin renewal via stem cell boosting

       LA PEARL’S Eternity Serum Boost Skin Cells to Bring Back Your Youthfulness Stem cells are the source of new skin cells that are responsible for skin rejuvenation. However, Adult Stem cell activity slows down over time, resulting in the decreased capacity of renewal, loss of skin firmness, and wrinkles, as visible in older age. LA PEARL’S Eternity Serum is a concentrated serum with the power to rejuvenate the skin via boosting the function of dermal stem cell. The product is particularly formulated to fight against skin degradation, repair dermal structure, and bring back the youthful appearance.     

How it work

LA PEARL’S Eternity Serum

Key ingredients

Eternity Serum

20 ml.

– 1,350 Baht –